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Operating in the greater Chicagoland area, including Wisconsin and Indiana, Allied Realty Corporation is a closely held, commercial real estate company.

Through our principals, Allied controls over 15 properties with close to 300,000 square feet of rentable space as well as additional land to accomodate future commercial developments.

Our services include leasing, renovation, and the ongoing management of these properties.  At Allied, we believe in a strong relationship based approach to leasing and management.  This, coupled with our small, fully integrated team, allows us the flexibility to closely monitor our tenants' needs and attend to them.  Virtually every aspect of the leasing process is handled in house which enables us to provide a fast leasing process with highly customized tenant buildouts.

Allied also performs brokerage work, including leasing and property acquisition and disposal work, for select third parties.

Currently, we are actively pursuing acquisition of additional properties and select third party clients.  As we look toward expansion we will continue to maintain the same high standards and diligence that has set us apart.

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